The Destiny 2 streamer who found the best use for Stadia is now hunting for a replacement for when it closes

Luckstruck9 is looking for post-Stadia lifeboats.

Google Stadia is dead. Well, dying in January. While it always struggled to get off the ground, it had a dedicated fanbase and people who found some incredibly clever uses for it. Destiny 2 players will be familiar with Lucky “Luckstruck9” Lai, also known as ‘The Checkpoint Guy’. 

He’s been making use of 11 Stadia accounts to share checkpoints with fellow raiders, cutting out the more mundane parts of loot grinding. It’s something our own Destiny Guy Tim Clark has made good use of. But with the disappearance of Stadia, it casts an uncertain future for The Checkpoint Guy and reliant raiders.

Thankfully, it seems as though Lai is already hard at work hunting for new methods. He tweeted that everything will still be good until Stadia’s closure on January 18, and is “looking for new substitutes” in the meantime. “GeForce now looks promising, but there are still limits on session length thus making it not the most feasible option,” he surmised in a reply. It’s a fair point—the free version only allows a one-hour session, but even the premium version caps you at six hours. 

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