The government bans the NAB from arresting politicians and MPs.

The government has asked the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) not to arrest any politicians or members of the elected assembly.

This decision followed a critical meeting between the NAB chairman and National Assembly Speaker Ayyaz Sadiq on Thursday.

Speaker Ayyaz Sadiq presented the NAB chairman with updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

These SOPs state that any inquiry or complaint against a parliamentarian, the NA speaker, or the Senate chairman will be reported.

According to sources, under the new SOPs, political figures and lawmakers will not be targeted or arrested at the inquiry stage to avoid political persecution.

NAB officers are prohibited from making any statements to the media or the general public.

The updated regulations stated that NAB officers could only provide comments after filing a reference against a political leader or a politician.

Any infringement of these SOPs will result in harsh sanctions for the official, including a one-year prison sentence and a fine of one million rupees.

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