The government hikes passport costs in the fast-track category again.

The government has announced a substantial increase in passport fees, particularly in the fast-track category.

According to recent media reports, the updated pricing structure shows significant hikes in several passport categories and page counts.

A machine-readable passport (MRP) with 36 pages and a 5-year validity period costs Rs. 12,500 as of May 8. For those who want more pages, the rates rise to Rs. 18,000 for 72 pages and a whopping Rs. 23,000 for 100 pages.

Individuals wanting a longer validity period of ten years have seen even higher prices. A 10-year MRP of 36 pages now costs Rs. 16,200, while charges for 72 and 100 pages have risen to Rs. 25,200 and Rs. 32,000.

On March 6, 2019, the Directorate General of Passports and Immigration raised the passport processing fee.

Despite the increase in prices, backlogs and delays in passport processing continue, leaving many applicants dissatisfied with the system’s efficiency.

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