The Green Pakistan initiative, spearheaded by LIMS, aims to revive agriculture in the Cholistan Desert.

The Green Pakistan Initiative, spearheaded by LIMS, seeks to revitalise the agricultural sector in the Cholistan desert.

Through the use of these technologies and procedures, farmers will be able to manage their crops and livestock more effectively.

Farming operations are being transformed by modern innovation, particularly intelligent technology from China.
In rural places, vital resources like electricity and water are now available year-round to serve farmers’ needs.
Modern farming practices are being made possible by LIMS’s introduction of smart agriculture technology from China.

With a focus on large-scale corporate farming, LIMS intends to spread its activities throughout the nation, beginning with Cholistan, Punjab.

Adopting international agricultural best practices is the main goal of the Green Pakistan Initiative in order to boost productivity and guarantee sustainability.

By giving local farmers priority and adopting creative solutions, LIMS is advancing Pakistan’s agriculture industry towards greater prosperity and environmental sustainability.

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