The IHC claims that Bushra Bibi is being tortured by being kept in solitary confinement.

Bushra Bibi’s solitary imprisonment amounts to torture, according to the Islamabad High Court’s Monday ruling.

When the wife of the PTI founder pleaded to have her transferred from Banigala to Adiala Jail, Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb made the following comments.

Representing Bushra Bibi in court were attorneys Usman Riaz Gul and Khalid Yusuf Chaudhry.

Regarding the Chief Commissioner’s ability to represent the province government, Justice Aurangzeb pointed out. “It is torture,” he continued, to keep someone in isolation.

The six separate applications filed in opposition to a single writ perplexed the judge.

It is being determined, according to state counsel, that no unlawful actions were committed in the process of creating sub-jail. You have no basis to contest, Judge Aurangzeb reprimanded him.

To obtain up-to-date details regarding the petitioner’s current status, the attorney requested an adjournment.

Bushra Bibi’s attorneys responded in the positive when the judge inquired if they intended to move their client from Banigala to Adiala Jail.

Attorneys were instructed to provide written arguments for the upcoming hearing by Justice Aurangzeb.

One week was added to the hearing’s postponement.

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