The IHC defers making a ruling on cases involving the same complaint against Sheikh Rashid.

On Wednesday, the president of the Awami Muslim League (AML) and former federal minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed faced various complaints alleging him of using filthy language. The Islamabad High Court has deferred its ruling in these matters.

Trial by Islamabad High Court Judge Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri. Along with his attorneys Sardar Abdul Razzaq and Sardar Shehbaz, Sheikh Rashid arrived in court.

In court this time were police attorney Kazim Adalat and state attorney Malik Abdul Rehman.

The police were requested to provide a report in court, and the judge wanted to know if they had submitted it. The court was informed by the state attorney that the report had been turned in.

Has Billo Rani’s remarks been cited in the FIR, the judge inquired? The state attorney read the FIR filed with the Mochko police station as directed by the court.

“There are no Billo Rani-like words in the FIR,” the court said after inquiring about the identity of the complainant.

The FIR claimed that Sheikh Rashid had spoken derogatorily and incorrectly about Bilawal Bhutto, according to the court. According to the court, “the words mentioned in the report are not in the FIR.”

Regarding a statement made in Islamabad, the judge asked how the complaint was filed in Karachi.

In Islamabad, this occurrence took place. What was the source of these statements for IG Sindh and Prosecutor General Sindh? Where are references to Billo Rani mentioned in the text? the court inquired of the investigating officer.

Everything was on a USB drive, the investigating officer claimed, and they could make more as needed. Says the court: Will a trial take place in Karachi for Benazir Bhutto, who was slain in Rawalpindi?

Could an incident from Peshawar be reported in Karachi? Should a case be filed elsewhere even though the event occurred in Islamabad,” the IHC enquired.

Sheikh Rashid filed a petition for acquittal, however the court later reserved judgement on it.

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