The IHC judges’ letter to SJC, according to Barrister Gohar, is a turning moment.

Speaking with the media, Barrister Gohar Ali declared, “We vehemently condemn it,” referring to the ongoing involvement in the courts.

“This interference was made in specific political cases, which were exclusively PTI property,” he declared.

He demanded that a judicial panel be established to look into the situation.

He declared that an open court should investigate the justices’ letter.

Barrister Gohar stated, “The decisions in cases against the PTI founder were made on political grounds.” He demanded that the PTI founder’s charges be dropped and that he be freed.

It is important to note that the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) has received a letter from six of the Islamabad High Court’s current justices requesting that a judicial convention be called to examine the issue of “interference of intelligence agencies with judicial functions.”

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