The IMF says it is prepared to engage with the incoming government but refrains from addressing Pakistan’s political situation.

IMF Director of Communications Julie Kozek stated during a press conference in Washington that finalizing the current standby agreement is a top priority and that she is looking forward to collaborating with Pakistan’s next government to guarantee economic stability.

April 2024 is when the present standby agreement expires.

Following the creation of the new Pakistani cabinet, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is prepared to dispatch a team for the second economic assessment, according to Julie Kozek during a news conference.

The director of communications for the IMF stayed silent about Pakistan’s political climate while praising the caretaker government for maintaining economic stability.

It was previously reported that the Ministry of Finance had started acting on the premier’s orders, and that the recently elected PML-N-led government had chosen to take advantage of a new IMF loan program.

Pakistan is expected to approach the international lender for a $6–8 billion loan package, and the IMF will be contacted right once to begin discussions for this.

The sources went on to say that the IMF will have tighter requirements this time.

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