The Kaghan Highway was closed for more than 30 hours, leaving tourists stuck.

After strong landslides in the Ghanol Valley caused by intense rains, the Kaghan Highway—a crucial route that connects the picturesque Kaghan Valley—stays closed for more than thirty hours.

Tourists and locals are stuck on both sides of the route despite the concerned authorities’ unrelenting efforts.

Heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday night caused large boulders to fall onto the Kaghan highway, prompting the closure. Locals’ and visitors’ cars were consequently trapped on either side of the landslip.

The enormous amount of rock and debris has made progress in clearing the rubble using explosives difficult. The effort is still ongoing.

Many visitors who came to the Kaghan Valley for the weekend are now stuck and unable to go home as a result of the Kaghan Highway closure. Due to the weekend, the situation is especially difficult for drivers, who must wait for updates on the highway’s reopening while feeling frustrated and uncertain.

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