The LHC is challenging the rise in petrol prices.

Advocate Azhar Siddique filed the petition in the Lahore High Court, according to the information.

He claimed that the increase in petroleum product prices by the federal government will cause inflation to climb much more.

As prices are stable on global markets, Siddique said in his appeal that the recent increase in petroleum product prices was unjustified.

The court was urged by the petitioner to invalidate the most recent rise in gas prices.

In this lawsuit, the federal government, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), and other relevant entities have been added as parties.

The federal government approved an increase in gasoline prices of Rs 4.53 per liter and diesel prices of Rs 8.14 per liter for the upcoming two weeks over night.

The Ministry of Finance has released a notification stating that fuel prices will increase by Rs 4.53 to Rs 293.94 per liter and that high-speed diesel will increase by Rs 8.14 to Rs 290.38 per liter.

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