The minister wants the model jail in Islamabad to be operational in six months.

The minister stated, during a tour of the jail currently under construction, that although the jail project in Islamabad had been delayed for 13 years, it would now be finished in six months.

Naqvi gave the responsible officials a six-month deadline to finish building the prison’s first phase.

Mohsin Naqvi noted that it is obviously incompetent to have put the project on hold for seven years and added that the jail’s development should go on around the clock to meet the deadline.

He also directed that the hiring of the required personnel begin right away, and he guaranteed that resources would be available to see the project through to completion.

The minister was briefed about the project by Chief Commissioner Islamabad, Muhammad Ali Randhawa. He claimed that although the construction of a jail in Islamabad had begun in 2011, it had not been finished in the intervening years.

He stated that although the jail would be able to house 2,000 inmates, there will be an additional 2,000 spaces available.

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