The MPA proposes a resolution to forbid girls from marrying young.

The Punjab Assembly has considered a motion opposing the early marriage of young girls.

Sara Ahmed, a member of the provincial assembly (MPA), has filed a resolution in the Punjab Assembly Secretariat addressing the problem of early marriage, which is a landmark step towards protecting the rights and welfare of young girls.

The resolution emphasises the negative effects of weddings involving girls under the age of eighteen and asks for a ban on such unions.

The resolution emphasises the vulnerability of young girls to assault, exploitation, and different health concerns, citing the catastrophic consequences of early marriage.

It highlights how important healthy moms are to building a robust and harmonious society.

The resolution emphasises how critical it is to educate the public about the grave risks that early marriages represent.

It promotes strict regulations to guarantee that marriages are not consummated until partners are of legal age (18) and present the marriage (nikkah) registrar with legitimate identity, such as a Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC).

The Punjab Assembly has worked hard to solve a critical societal issue and protect the rights of young girls, as seen by this initiative.

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