The Naran avalanche buried several hotels.

Several hotels in the popular tourist town of Naran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, were buried by an avalanche caused by the collapse of two glaciers on Jheel Road.

Naran in the upper Kaghan Valley is a famous tourist destination. During the summer months, it is Pakistan’s most visited valley.

Because to the extreme cold and road closures caused by snowfall, the area becomes mostly vacant throughout the winter.

According to Shabir Khan, Director General of the Kaghan Development Authority, several hotels and buildings were buried under an avalanche caused by the fall of the Ghamla and Chapran glaciers on Jheel Road in Naran.

He also stated that government authorities had difficulty getting verified data on the losses, and that the Naran Road was blocked in several locations due to glacier bursts.

Shabir Khan emphasized that an emergency team was being dispatched to the affected town to swiftly assess the damage and provide suggestions to the board.

He added that construction on Naran’s Jheel road, which had been closed due to the avalanche, will begin once access to the town was restored. He warned people to avoid going to the impacted areas.

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