The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) administers fitness assessments for players around the country.

The tests are being done in accordance with Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi’s objective to promote a culture of fitness at the grassroots level.

For the Regional Inter-District Senior Tournament 2024–25, a total of 23 players have been selected from each district. These players were chosen after participating in the Challenge Cup held in April and May 2024.

A group of 23 players in each district are currently undergoing rigorous fitness and strength assessments, closely supervised by their individual district and regional coaches and trainers.

Once the players have successfully completed the fitness test, they will be called upon to participate in a 45-day training camp in their various districts. This camp will prepare them for the Inter-District Senior Tournament in September.

Upon successfully completing the fitness test, the players will be called to participate in a 45-day training programme in their respective districts, which will culminate in the Inter-District Senior Tournament in September.

“Starting from this domestic season, the director of Domestic Cricket Operations, Abdullah Khurram Niazi, announced that the PCB has chosen to shift the fitness tests from the regional level to the district level.”

This initiative will undoubtedly compel the players to give utmost importance to their physical well-being from the very beginning, and subsequently, this culture will spread to other domestic tournaments. With the inclusion of more physically fit players in the events, the overall standard of cricket will also improve.

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