The price of 20 kg of flour in Faisalabad has reduced by Rs 800.

Flour prices began to fall as more wheat entered the market. The price of a 20kg wheat bag has fallen by 800 rupees.

According to the information, in Faisalabad, after the 800 rupee reduction, a bag of 20 kg flour began selling for up to 2,000 rupees, while the price of a 50 kg bag of flour has dropped to 1500 rupees.

Citizens claim that flour used to cost 150 rupees, but is now just 100 rupees; they also demand that the price of ghee be reduced by at least 100 rupees.

On the other hand, gristmill flour is sold in the city for 100 to 160 rupees per kilogram. According to the mill owners, the price of wheat has dropped significantly; wheat is now being sold at 2,800 per 40 kg, lowering the price of flour and benefiting the less privileged class.

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