The pumpkin meta is now dominating Disney Dreamlight Valley

This endgame strategy is gourd to go.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a meta, and it’s pumpkins. More ominously, cunning players have found a way to trap and exploit Dreamlight Valley’s iconic citizens in order to score increased harvest margins on their cash crops.

This kind of ruthless economic efficiency is inevitable in farm sims, but still feels slightly surprising in the context of a Disney game. Anyone who’s gotten way into the weeds in Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley knows there’s an inflection point past which they stop being “casual” and turn into dystopian optimization nightmares. 

Confession: I have a dark history with ancient fruit wine distilleries and turnip stocks and I can see the plump profits of the pumpkin trade in my future.

In the early hours of Dreamlight Valley, planting and harvesting carrots is the way to make money, but as players have realized, pumpkins are the true endgame. They take quite a while to buy, sold at Goofy’s stall in the Forgotten Lands biome past the Sunlit Plateau, which both take a hunk of Dreamlight to unlock. Pumpkin seeds cost a steep 275 coins, but each fully grown pumpkin sells for 664 coins. That’s a sale that would make Scrooge himself proud.

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