The Punjab e-bike scheme has set its balloting date.

For worthy students, the Punjab e-Bike Scheme was introduced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. The Punjab government has announced the date of the balloting.

At a meeting to assess the program’s progress toward giving 20,000 bikes to qualified students, Punjab Minister of Transportation Bilal Akbar Khan presided.

Students’ extraordinary response was highlighted throughout the conference; applications exceeded 100,000, demonstrating an incredible amount of zeal. In order to ballot in 20,000 motorcycles, the conference concluded on May 10 (tomorrow).

It is important to note that on April 12, CM Maryam Nawaz declared the Chief Minister Youth Initiative, which included the provision of 20,000 bikes.

With the help of CM Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, students may purchase motorbikes and e-bikes through simple monthly installment plans. Male students can take advantage of this offer for Rs 11,676 per month, while female students can do so for Rs 7,325 as well.

In metropolitan areas, there will be a 50/50 quota set aside for male and female pupils. Thirty percent will be designated for female pupils and seventy percent for male students in rural areas.

Notably, throughout the region, pupils will have equal access to motorcycles in Lahore since they will be dispersed according to the population density of each district.

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