The Shandur Polo Festival saw the introduction of a tourist helicopter service.

The KP Culture and Tourism Authority and Patronate Aviation are partners in the helicopter safari service, according to specifics.

Advisor to the Chief Minister on Tourism Zahid Khan announced the start of the service.

Chitral Airport, the Kalash Valley, the Lowari Tunnel, Tirich Mir Peak, and the lovely meadows of Qaqlasht are all breathtakingly visible from the helicopter safari packages.

Among the bundles are:

First package includes Kalash Valley, Lowari Tunnel, and Chitral Airport.
Package2: Treich Mir Airport in Chitral
Package 3: Chabahar Airport, Treich Mir, Qaqlasht Meadows
Travel Package 4: Shandur Polo Festival from Chitral Airport

Festival de Shandur Polo

From 1936 until the present day, every July 7-9, on Shandur Top in Gizer District, Gilgit Baltistan, a free-style polo match between the teams of Chitral and Gilgit is one of the biggest celebrations in the nation. Fans of polo travel from all over the nation attend the tournament, which is hosted at the highest polo ground on earth.

Aside from folk music and dancing, there will be a tented village at the Pass, horseback riding, mountaineering, trekking, and other activities typical of Northern Pakistani culture. Trot fishing at neighboring lakes and streams is also a popular pastime during the festival.

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