“There should be no joy over Imran’s jail term,” Bilawal upholds democratic principles.

The party’s chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, expressed disapproval on Wednesday of the euphoria around the jail sentence of former prime minister Imran Khan in the cases of Cypher and Toshakhana.

Speaking to a crowd in Malakand, Bilawal Bhutto emphasised the primacy of democratic principles over personal grudges and emphasised his disdain of the celebration of former prime minister Imran Khan’s sentencing.

Bilawal Bhutto highlighted the absurdity of political rivals applauding the exclusion of a former prime minister from elections during her speech.

Nawaz Sharif was accused by Bilawal Bhutto of using vengeance politics, saying that Bhutto’s daughter was the victim of false accusations made by the former prime minister.

He admonished the people to think carefully before electing leaders who put their personal grudges ahead of the greater good and warned against the possible continuance of such actions.

The PPP chief voiced his dissatisfaction at Imran Khan’s apparent transition from being a ray of light for young people to participating in “U-turn politics.”

Bilawal Bhutto criticised Khan’s conduct, pointing out that he had imprisoned political opponents along with their families.

On February 8, Bilawal Bhutto urged voters to cast meaningful ballots in the approaching elections. He underlined the need of a responsible and productive political environment and asked voters to take political parties’ past performance into account.

Presumably alluding to Nawaz Sharif, the former foreign minister claimed that the PPP is the only party that can stop Mian Sahib’s political ambitions. Bhutto charged that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder made choices that aided in the growth of terrorism in the nation.

To set himself apart from the PPP, Bilawal Bhutto promised to free political prisoners on the first day of his government. He promised to solve the people’s complaints by cutting back on the number of ministries and concentrating on helping the vast majority of people.

As he wrapped off his speech, Bilawal Bhutto urged the Pakistani people to adopt a fresh perspective. He said the PML-G was ignoring the vote and not honouring it, thus he advised ideological workers of other political parties, especially that party, to think twice before changing their allegiance.

He cautioned against playing politics of retribution, pointing out that identical strategies may be used if Imran Khan were to win a fourth term.

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