There was also a plea filed against CM Maryam Nawaz for donning a police uniform.

Details of the plea filed by Aftab Bajwa’s attorney reveal that Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz presided over a meeting about an air ambulance while dressed in a police uniform. The petition stated that nobody is allowed to wear the official state institution uniform by law.

In the plea, it was requested that the court provide permission to file a complaint against Maryam Nawaz for donning a police uniform.

In order to file a complaint against Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Maryam Nawaz for wearing a police uniform during a passing-out parade, a session court was called in last week.

Maryam Nawaz donned a police official’s uniform, which is “illegal,” according to the plaintiff’s plea.

The Punjab police responded to the criticism by stating in a statement that the chief minister is permitted to wear the uniform in accordance with police regulations.

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Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, was dressed in uniform and saw a police passing-out parade in Lahore.

Along with awarding medals to the best Police Training College performers, the Punjab Chief Minister received a guard of honor. The ceremony’s principal guest observed the procession.

The chief minister of Punjab, who was present at the event, stated that her government aims to boost the proportion of female police officers.”After donning the police uniform, I realized how much of a big responsibility it is.”

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