Three heatwave incidents are expected in Pakistan in May and June, according to the minister

Three heatwave spells are expected in May and June, according to Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Climate Change, Romina Khursheed Alam.

Romina Alam warned the public at a news conference about the beginning of heatwave phases as Pakistan struggles with climate change.

She reported that heatwaves have hit four districts in Balochistan, nine districts in Punjab, and thirteen districts in Sindh.

The PM’s special assistant gave an update on government initiatives to prevent heatwaves. She said that there were several ways to inform the people about the heatwave problem.

She also emphasised how heatwaves can have detrimental effects, such as crop loss and accelerated glacier melting.

She emphasised that smoking should be avoided in close proximity to trees since heat waves raise the risk of fire.

Romina Alam said that by acting quickly, the firefighters had put out the recent forest fire. She emphasised that in order to prevent another incident like this one, precautions must be taken these days.

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