Tumharey Husn Kay Naam Episode-1 Review: A promising start of classic romance

  • Saba Qamar is shinning out in the role of Salma.

The much-awaited Green Entertainment finally kicks off its regular transmission featuring its unique content and among which one of its plays is Tumharey Husn Kay Naam which is a TV adaptation of Hakeen Nayyar Wastay’s 1930 novel Akhtar aur Salma. It is directed by Saqib Khan and written by Sara Qayyum. Tumharey Husn Kay Naam is starring Saba Qamar and Imran Abbass in the lead roles. It also has legendary actors like Salman Shahid in the pivotal role.

The play is set in the year 1993 making us all nostalgic, and giving all old-school PTV plays vibes. Saba Qamar is shining out in the role of Salma no doubt she is a queen of acting but for a college-going girl, she seems a bit aged. So is the case with our hero Imran Abbas he also seems aged for this role. Anyways the premise of the story is quite simple but interesting. There is a progressive and loving father who is supporting her daughter in achieving her dreams.

Salma is an artist and a music lover. Saba Qamar has beautifully pulled out the character of Salma. Her mother is a typical housewife whose sole concern is to marry her off but Salma’s father is not ready to compromise on his daughter’s studies. He is extremely caring towards his daughter. Salma and Sikandar’s first encounter is not a pleasant one. She gets hit on her head and faints by the ball Sikandar has hit as the boys were playing cricket on the college campus.

Salma’s father makes a lot of fuss about this, he simply wants Sikandar expelled from the college. Well, poor Sikandar has already been a medical college dropout, his dream is to study in art school and he will be doomed if he will get expelled from the college. The only solution his friend suggests is that he begs for forgiveness from Salma and tells her his situation and problems and that if he will get expelled her poor mother will die.

Sikandar has shown himself to be a dumb boy. He is extremely terrified of him getting expelled from art school. His friend tries his best and has succeeded in convincing Salma for forgiving Sikandar’s folly and not to expel him from the college by portraying his miserable condition. Salma is ready to forgive him but the second encounter between Salma and Sikandar is also not a pleasant one. Sikandar bumps into Salma giving her neck a jerk and on top of that he loses his cool. He starts blaming Salma telling her how sensitive she is moreover he says such sensitive girls should not get enrolled in college they should stay home. Now will Salma forgive him? Overall an average story and a bit nostalgic!

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