UAE grants Aiman Khan a Golden Visa

The actress Aiman Khan has notified her fans and followers that the United Arab Emirates has granted her a Golden Visa.

Renowned for her dramatic roles in plays like “Ghar Titli Ka Par,” “Meri Beti,” and “Ishq Tamasha,” Aiman Khan has been spotted putting more emphasis on her personal life with her spouse, fellow actress Muneeb Butt, and moving away from the entertainment industry recently.

Instagram users saw Aiman Khan post a photo of herself receiving the Golden Visa from UAE officials.

The actress was shown gratitude in the caption for the extraordinary hospitality and kind welcome she received from the Dubai government.

Aiman Khan is shown in the accompanying photo, probably when applying for a visa, looking smart in black among representatives from the United Arab Emirates.

Fascinatingly, Aiman Khan’s spouse Muneeb Butt previously uploaded a comparable Instagram picture revealing his triumphant Golden Visa acquisition.

Often taking his wife Aiman Khan along, Muneeb Butt travels to Dubai for business and pleasure. Even after their daughter Amal was born, the well-known couple continued to observe this habit.

Furthermore, Miral, their second daughter, made her first vacation outside of Pakistan when they recently took her to Dubai.

“Dubai holds a special place in my heart, from memorable vacations to productive work trips,” Muneeb Butt complimented in the description.

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