VIDEO: Flying car similar to ‘Aladin’s magic carpet’ needs 25 brave volunteers

A Frenchman is looking for 25 courageous volunteers to test his new invention which is a jet-powered hoverboard with a seat, reported Daily Mail.

Franky Zapata, 43, originally wanted to make a flying car with the capacity to travel on roads and in the air as well.

The machine takes off vertically and lands in the same position using ten kerosene-powered micro turbo-jet engines. 

The high-power engines allow the craft to reach an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet.

Zapata said that the jet was made of carbon fibre and titanium. It is controlled using two joysticks.

The craft is to be for stunts and within the entertainment industry. Zapata also dreams that his creation can be useful for rescues or for emergency health situations for doctors during road accidents.

“It’s like Aladdin’s magic carpet,” remarked the Frenchman.

He claimed the aircraft’s top speed to be 155mph (250km/h). However, he said that he was scared to go that fast.

In the initial trial, he will pick 100 volunteers for the simulators and 25 among those will be sent for the final testing in the US.

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