Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Oct 24, 2022 – Oct 30, 2022 – The October skies make you lucky in love right now as Jupiter enters Pisces on Thursday, moving into your partnership zone. You’re feeling much more in tune with your partner’s needs, and you’re eager to learn how they feel and what makes them tick. It could lead to a transformative night.

Saturday brings out your mental acuity when Mercury enters Scorpio, moving into your communication zone. Over the next two weeks your intuition gets a major boost as you pick up on information with ease. Use this mental quickness to get to the bottom of important issues.

The week ends on a rough note when Mars goes into retrograde in your career zone on Sunday. For the rest of the year it could be difficult to get ahead in your job. Don’t get discouraged, Virgo. Use this time to reevaluate your goals to see if you’re really on the right track. It’s an opportunity, not a defeat.

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