Virgo Weekly Horoscope

There are only 24 hours in a day, Virgo, and yes, you can break that down into 1,440 minutes if you’d like. But if you’re still coming up short on “white space in my calendar,” something’s gotta give. So this Tuesday, June 7, when the quarter moon in Virgo shines its balancing beams into your self-focused first house, give your #LifeGoals a review. Which of these align with “2022 you” and which ones are you simply gunning for because you don’t want to be a “quitter”? Your devotion is noble but when it starts veering into sacrificial territory (especially SELF-sacrificial), you have every right to hit the brakes. Don’t stress about abandoning the mission forever. Just move it to the back burner for a bit. While you’re out exploring new tools and soaking up inspiration, you may rediscover your zeal for this project as a matter of course. 

While this quarter moon fosters independence, here’s something to consider. Are you doing too much by your lonesome? Not for nothing, Virgo, but that could be half the reason you’re spinning your wheels on a once-exciting venture. Or maybe you feel like you’ve nearly forgotten how to socialize non-virtually after two years of COVID. Isolation is detrimental to your spirit, and this lunar lift could pull you out of it. The time is right to reconnect with your long-lost pals and get a few IRL dates on the books. 

Get ready to color outside the lines on Saturday when sensual Venus links up with daring Uranus in your ninth house of travel, adventure and expanded horizons. Opportunities could come out of the blue, and they may involve booking a flight or signing up for a game-changing workshop. (Or possibly teaching one!) With open-hearted Venus in the mix, single Virgos could fall head over heels for someone so unlike any of your past romantic interests you’re not sure how you’ll explain this one to your friends. But who cares! This weekend, the sky’s the limit and your crush could just as easily be your future festival buddy as a legit romantic prospect. Perusing travel sites could feel like foreplay for coupled Virgos. Why stop there? Under these spontaneous skies you may wind up hitting “book now” on a villa or an overnight for two at a dreamy spa. No matter your GPS coordinates, try to do something out of the ordinary near Saturday. If you usually stay home and cook dinner, drive a little further out of town for a special meal. And if you can spare a full day (or weekend!), how about working in a romantic overnight stay? 

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