Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Mar 20, 2023 – Mar 26, 2023 – It’s a new season as the sun and new moon enter Aries and your transformation zone on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Spring can be a period of rebirth as this season gives you an opportunity to grow. Trust your gut during the many changes that come up, Virgo.

Your motto is “I serve,” so you’re used to making sacrifices. However, be careful not to sacrifice too much of yourself when Pluto enters Aquarius and your productivity zone on Thursday. You’ll be breaking your “perfectionist” streak during this era as you learn that everyone fails at some point. Don’t dwell on it. It just makes you human.

After months of hard work you’re ready to spend time with your friends when Mars enters Cancer and your social zone on Saturday. This is an ideal time to get passionate about community matters and take some meaningful action. Try to make your world a better place.

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