Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Sep 11, 2023 – Sep 17, 2023 – You’ll be looking for tangible results for your big ideas over the next few weeks once Pallas enters Libra and your value zone on Wednesday. This is a great time to look at what ideals are worth investing in and put all your resources toward that dream. Work hard to see clear results.

Thursday brings new beginnings during the new moon in your sign, because you’re ready to show yourself off to the world. This is a wonderful time to reinvent yourself and remember how to feel good in your skin. Give up the need to be “perfect” and embrace who you are. You’re pretty amazing, Virgo!

Especially since you’ll be feeling yourself now that Mercury is finally moving forward in your sign on Friday. You’re confident in how you appear in the world and ready to go after your dreams. Speak clearly and make a good first impression.

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