Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Jun 27, 2022 – Jul 3, 2022 – A great time to help your community is during the new moon in Cancer on Tuesday. The moon is in your social zone, encouraging you to be the change you wish to see in the world. Gather your friends together and organize a volunteer program to make your town a better place.

However, while you’re saving the world, you might discover that your relationships aren’t all rosy when Neptune goes into retrograde in your partnership zone on Tuesday. This is a good time to analyze your relationships and see if you’re getting your fair share. Read contracts very carefully.

You could have a hard time negotiating when Mercury in Gemini forms a square with Neptune on Saturday. It might be hard to secure the partnership of your dreams if you can’t come to an agreement about professional terms. Be prepared to walk away if things aren’t fair, Virgo.

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