Virgo Weekly Horoscope

If you’ve felt tongue-tied or like your personal and professional messaging has been off lately, get ready for your sharp wit and gift of gab return, Virgo. This Monday, December 4, eloquent Venus takes her annual spot in focused and passionate Scorpio, powering up your third house of communication and local action until December 29. Take an objective look at areas where you’ve been on-point but also where you could stand improvement. The one thing to watch for is being overly self-critical. No one hits the bull’s-eye every time, so give yourself credit for your successes (however small). You might want to hire a consultant or get some coaching to improve your communication skills, including how you inflect and pace your talks (or posts). Practice with friends and ask for their feedback on what landed for them and where you could do better. And because Venus IS the love planet, in spicy Scorpio, you might see a new dimension of a platonic pal. Stay mindful (that’s HIGH-mindful) and don’t play with fire, however tempting it seems. If you’re otherwise engaged, take full advantage of Venus’ largesse by carving out time every day to discuss whatever issues came up for you both that day. Ideally you’ll do this over a home-cooked dinner or a glass of wine or cup of tea. You know you’ve got to keep the romantic wheels greased, but the reward SO exceeds the investment! If you’ve got something to get off your chest, wait for a time when your partner (or even a close friend) isn’t feeling stressed or pressed for time, then broach the topic gently but directly. Tuesday’s sweet mashup of take-it-slow Saturn and sensual Venus—along with a balancing quarter moon in your sign—can help you express yourself clearly but without a shred of passive-aggressiveness.

Midweek, it’ll be even easier to get back in sync, deepen the connection or, if you’re single, to put yourself out there in a positive state of mind to meet new people. All kinds of partnerships get a boost on Wednesday, when befuddling Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your seventh house of committed relationships. Neptune is the trickster of the zodiac, one minute sprinkling pixie dust in your eyes, the next throwing you off your normally savvy game. Since June 30, you might have gotten ensnared in a narcissist’s web or sucked in by an emotionally detached person. Some Virgos may only find out NOW that someone’s been cheating and covering their tracks like an animal in the wild. As Neptune resumes forward motion this week, the fog lifts and clarity returns, though you might not love the view. But when you see things for what they truly are, it’ll be far easier to let go of anyone who’s not the real deal.

But even if someone lied or cheated, that doesn’t mean you should stoop to their level. Always take the high road, Virgo. That may be easier said than done this Saturday, when chatty Venus in your expressive third house opposes irrepressibly candid Jupiter in your outspoken ninth. You may be righteously angry, but you never know when something you say in a moment of rage will come back to hurt YOU. Hold your fire this weekend, even around seemingly innocent things. Loose lips could sink your own ship if you spill too much tea to the wrong person.

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