Wabaal Episode-22 Review: Shagufta’s real face is finally revealed in front of Anum

The play getting too depressing but interesting!

Hum TV drama serial Wabaal is a play based on the curses of interest. The play is giving some strong messaging throughout the story. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode, we have seen that Anum has given her father’s house papers as a guarantee to Shagufta. In this episode, Shagufta shows her true colours to Anum and poor Anum gets a reality check.

Anum is super tense after giving her father’s original house papers to Shagufta. Well, the scene where Anum procured those papers is so badly executed. How come Anum’s mother has not found out that she is searching for the papers? Anum is so naive that she has given her father’s original house documents! On her way to her friend’s house, Anum sees Javaid going on the road she is now sure that she has been a victim of fraud.

Anum is taking so much mental pressure on that her blood pressure shoots up! Well, all these troubles in Anum’s life are self-created, had she been practising gratitude she would have been leading a happy and blessed life with her husband. Well, the amount of tragedy and trouble shown on the screen must have a proportion. Why did it need to show that Maham and Hammad lost a hefty amount of 20 lacs? They are shown to be wise people! Too much tragedy for the family to handle.

Well, Anum’s guilt is real! but one wonders if she is really that guilty. Has she gotten her reality check? Anum is naive but why Faraz is not using his brain why he does do what she says? Poor Anum has no idea that she has put her parent’s life in great trouble! Shagufta is in no mood to spare Anum or her father she will going to take her revenge on them.

Anum gets 5 lacs by selling her car through her friend and she takes the money back to Shagufta to get her house papers back but there Shagufta shows her true colours to her. She says that she has to give her 8 lacs as she also has to pay her profit share or in other words what she calls interest. Anum says that she is being cruel she says her business is like that with each passing day her debt will get doubled now there is no way out she will get her house papers back. She says she will go to confiscate her father’s house. Zarqa hears a bit of it and it seems that Anum’s dadi will eventually be going to take Zarqa’s help in saving his son’s life. The play getting too depressing but interesting!

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