Wabaal Second Last Episode Review: Anum is reflecting on her past conduct

Faraz leaves for his village

Wabaal the play airing on HUM TV is highlighting the adverse effects of interest in our society and is one episode close to its conclusion. Anum is facing enough punishment because of her greed, she has lost her father and now Faraz is not ready to accept her, he is moving back to his village with her mother. We want to see Shagufta getting a horrible punishment for her sins.

Anum gets furious when Faraz closes his door on her. Anum in a hysterical mood invades Shagufta’s place and starts attacking her rightly blaming her for her father’s death. Naveed and Zarqa save Shagufta from Anum’s wrath. Zarqa questions Naveed that why she always stays silent about her mother’s cruelty. Why he is not taking any stand against her mother? Naveed is not an evil character he should not deserve punishment but it seems that he will face the consequence of his mother’s heinous sins.

Faraz on his way spotted Jawaid on the street. He grabbed Jawaid and call the police. He and Faraz’s land lady are both named Shagufta. The police come and take Shagufta to the Police station for a moment we become satisfied that Shagufta will be going to get punished but no she is too powerful she calls Gul khan to bring the lawyer with him. She refuses to recognize Jawaid and Faraz’s landlady and conveniently gets her bail, leaving the Police station and threatening Faraz to bear its consequences.

Shagufta catches Zarqa provoking Naveed to stand against her mother. Shagufta gets mad and beats the hell out of her and locks her in the room. Naveed fails to protect her in fact he is also been locked by Shagufta in his room. We want to see a terrible end for Shagufta. Let’s see how Zarqa, Gul Khan and Naveed are going to end up. Gul Khan and Shagufta both must pay for all their sins in the end.

Although Anum has been a horrible character we feel sympathy for her. She has realized her mistakes and she is seeking forgiveness from her mother and Dadi. Faraz refuses to accept her and leaves for his village. Maham and Hammad also leave for America, Maham not meeting her sister makes sense that she has not forgiven her. Maham’s character is not making any sense she wants Hammad to live with her parents at the time of her wedding because she wants to support her parents. Now when her father has died how come she is leaving her mother alone? what will be her source of income? Absurd. We want some kind of relief for Anum.

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