WATCH: Robot sets Guinness record by running 100 metres in 24.73 seconds

robot developed by the Oregon State University (OSU) in the United States broke the record for the fastest 100-metre dash by a bipedal robot by finishing the race in just 24.73 seconds, the university said in a press release.

Mechanised sprinter dubbed Cassie set the new record at OSU’s Whyte Track and Field Centre without any falls.

The robot has no “eyes” or camera and sensors, the release explained. 

“The robot has knees that bend like an ostrich’s.”

In 2021, Cassie — who was developed under the direction of Oregon State robotics professor Jonathan Hurst — ran five kilometres in just 53 minutes. 

Introduced in 2017, Cassie has led to further explorations into machine learning options in Oregon State’s Dynamic Robotics and AI Lab.

Graduate student Devin Crowley leading the initiative said that the world record was a result of years of effort. 

“Cassie has been a platform for pioneering research in robot learning for locomotion,” he added.

The Guinness World Record explained that the race was not a simple one-way where Cassie could run 100 metres and crash. The robot had to return to its standing pose after crossing the finish line.

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