“We never spoke then…”: Amar Khan discusses his connection with his father, who is alienated.

In a moving interview with former supermodel and current businesswoman Frieha Altaf for her podcast “FWhy,” Amar Khan revealed that her parents divorced when she was just two years old, leaving her mother, seasoned actress Fareeha Jabeen, to raise her alone at that time without any help from her father.

Khan said, “My parents separated when I was two, I guess,” recalling her upbringing in a Lahore family home with her maternal side of the family. I thus didn’t get to see my Abba too much. He had family in New York, which is why he was there.

She said, “I was raised by a single parent.”

The “Baddua” actor, who studied cinema, revealed that she had always wanted to be an actor but was hesitant to tell her mother about it because of all the struggles she had to face to become an actor.

She entered this field out of enthusiasm when she first started. She was a single mother, though, so she would accept any role—after all, it was her bread and butter—even if it was not the most important one, Khan added.

Khan shared a poignant story from her school days in which she was denied the opportunity to take examinations because she had not paid the semester fees. Khan appreciated this privilege, noting that her mother’s sacrifices had cleared the path for her daughter’s professional goals.

She revealed, “He wrote to me in a lengthy email when he learned that I was going into show business. We didn’t know each other well, but we had a formal connection. He said that my entering into show business like my mother would unintentionally bring dishonor to the family. “I don’t think I’ll bring shame to Mom especially and of course not to you also,” I responded in response.

Because of the way mom had taught me, I was unable to break the ice with him, show him a great deal of respect, and be friendly with him. After that, we didn’t communicate. We haven’t communicated since I graduated from BNU at the time,” Khan said.

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