WhatsApp will release a user encryption indicator.

With the addition of new features and updates, WhatsApp—a messaging service owned by Meta—has been attempting to improve user security.

There are rumors that Meta may provide a new feature that will indicate that user talks are encrypted.

Any messaging software must include chat encryption in order to ensure user privacy and the integrity of the discussion.

WhatsApp has already included chat encryption to the app, now it is working to increase its visibility and expand the feature for enhanced user privacy.

Learn more about the potential introduction of a new encryption indicator feature in an upcoming WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp encryption indicator feature

As per the WABetalnfo report, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will increase the visibility of end-to-end encrypted chats.

The new feature will render users with a sense of security that their conversations are secured and encrypted.

The upcoming WhatsApp update is expected to include an encryption indicator situated beneath the contact and group name during conversations.

With a focus on “nobody can read their messages and listen to their calls,” this feature seeks to reassure users that their calls and messages are safe.

WhatsApp’s continued efforts to strengthen the app’s security and emphasize its commitment to user privacy are reflected in the inclusion of the encryption status.

According to reports, beta testers for the following Android versions—,,, and—can use the WhatsApp encryption indication function.

This indicates that in the upcoming days or weeks, WhatsApp users will be able to access the stable version of the indication. The security feature will explain to users how the app protects their communications and what security procedures are in place.

End-to-end encryption: what is it?
Businesses utilize end-to-end encryption as a security tool to protect their interactions from other users or organizations. This strong security system ensures that no one, not even Meta, can access your private discussions. The guarantee that the discussion stays only between you and the other person is given by using end-to-end encryption.

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