When Is Asim Azhar’s Wedding Happening

Asim Azhar is one of the most loved singers of the younger generation. He has given countless hits at this point and as he is a young star, the younger generation follows him and keeps an eye on what is going on with their favourite pop stars. His personal life is also something that is always under scrutiny and also where he is and what he is doing.

When Is Asim Azhar's Wedding Happening

Asim Azhar’s relationships have also always been a talk of the town. He is now engaged to influencer and actress Merub Ali. Their simple engagement was loved by millions and fans are looking forward to seeing their favourite stars together as husband and wife.

When Is Asim Azhar's Wedding Happening

Asim Azhar gave an interview to Maliha Rehman and he opened up about his wedding date announcement. He revealed that he is a very old school person and he wants his parents’ blessings included in his wedding. Thus he has a very clear plan that his wedding date will be announced by his and Merub’s parents. He believes that anything which includes the parents’ assent has Barkat into it.

When Is Asim Azhar's Wedding Happening

This is what he shared about his wedding date announcement:

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