When Sindh CM meets with NYPD officers, they discuss how to train NY’s provincial police.

Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah had a meeting with a group of 22 members of the New York Police Department’s Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society (PALES) to talk about their various policing systems and experiences.

PALES gave the chief minister training in traffic management, information gathering, street crime, and small-time criminality handling for provincial local police personnel during the meeting.

Lead by Rohail Khalid, the PALES delegation consisted of 22 members. Officers with varying police responsibilities, including those from the Patrol, Identification Bureau, Training Bureau, Traffic Enforcement, and Integrity Control, participated in the delegation.

Meeting attendees included CM Raheem Shaikh’s secretary, Iqbal Memon, the Sindh Home Secretary, and Ghulam Naabi Memon, the IG of Police.

After extending a warm welcome to the delegation from the New York Police Department, the chief minister spoke about the problem of terrorism in Karachi, which he linked to regional politics and the conflict in Afghanistan.

He expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made by the police and other law enforcement organisations in the fight against terrorism in the region, with the backing of his government.

The city’s street crime problem, which the police and Rangers have started to combat, was also brought up by the chief minister.

The government was drafting legislation to use technology to prosecute repeat offenders, he added.

The delegation members stressed that crimes against 90% of the population were committed by a tiny percentage of the population—only 10%.

They proposed that offenders would refrain from committing crimes if they knew they were being observed.On the significance of utilising technology to reduce crime, the delegation members concurred with the chief minister.

To train the Sindh police, the New York Police Department offered. Expressing gratitude for the offer, the chief minister gave the Inspector General of Police instructions to review the idea and present a strategy for training police officers in New York.

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