Why does Sarwat Gilani want to take on fewer acting roles?

Despite having a stellar body of work to her credit, actor Sarwat Gilani recently discussed why she hasn’t been seen on TV in an appearance on a comedy show on a private TV channel.

She responded, “I think one should work hard but with less.”

“I really appreciate all of the love, respect, and affection that my audience has shown me,” Gilani went on. But please wait for me, I want my audience. I refuse to portray every character for them, be it Sakina, Shakeela, or Zulekha. What project I have coming up next is what I want people to be excited about.

“I’ve received feedback from fans frequently saying that they stop to watch me on screen because they think I must have picked a worthwhile project to work on,” the ‘Khasara’ actor continued.

Notably, Gilani last appeared in “Joyland,” the opening feature film from Pakistan that screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2022, directed by Saim Sadiq.

Concurrently, she welcomed a baby girl into her family in December of last year, marking her third child with spouse Fahad Mirza.

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