World of Warcraft is changing how the auction house works to benefit smaller servers

And adding a separate chat channel for boosting services.

World of Warcraft’s auction house will go region-wide for commodities in the 9.2.7 update. Blizzard posted the update on the official forums, stating that the system is currently being tested on the PTR (Public Test Realm). A new chat channel will also be added for advertising services.

As it stands right now, each server has its own economy, so you’ll find auction house prices fluctuate massively between busier servers and those that are less populated. Prices tend to be much higher on smaller realms because there are fewer players farming and crafting overall, and far less demand. 

The coming change means that commodity listings will become region-wide, so if you’re struggling to keep up with the cost of flasks, pots, herbs, and other consumables for raids or mythic+, this should help even things out. 

You won’t notice a difference in the auction house UI either and everything will appear to function as it does now. Aside from commodities, everything else on the auction house (such as armor) will remain server-specific.

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