Youngsters hurt in Karachi by kite string

The police said in a statement that Awais, a 20-year-old guy, was ensnared by kite string in Azizabad when he was riding a motorcycle.

According to the police, he was taken to a hospital where his condition was deemed to be stable.

The incident follows the Punjab police’s escalating crackdown on kite flying throughout the province following the death of a young man in Faisalabad at the hands of wayward kite strings.

Following these instances, Maryam Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab, ordered a crackdown on the production, sale, and purchase of chemical string used in kites.

After discovering an online kite sales network two days prior, the police detained five people they believed to be connected to a string killing that occurred in Faisalabad.

City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Ali Zia said at a press conference that Asif Shafiq of Samanabad was traveling across the Novelty overhead bridge in the Factory Area police limits when he was fatally injured by a string in his throat.

After the formation of special police squads, they began a scientific investigation and detained five primary suspects.

Using CCTV footage, the police were able to determine that on the same day, Muhammad Abid Gujjar, a resident of Sir Syed Town, was flying a kite on the rooftop of Punjab Bank.

Afterwards, the police detained the accused Abid, who admitted to the crime and stated that he had bought the kites and thread online from a website that, they claimed, was controlled by Abdul Shakoor and Muhammad Bilal.

Accused Abid also informed police that he burned all other kites and thread on the bank’s rooftop out of fear after Asif Ashfaq was murdered by his kite’s string.

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