Youth from North Waziristan are given an educational and recreational tour by the Pakistan Army.

Youth from North Waziristan set off on a three-day enjoyable and enlightening excursion as part of the Pakistan Army’s “Ilm Tolo Da Para” project.

Young participants in the trip had a great time touring some of Islamabad’s most notable sites, such as the magnificent Faisal Mosque, Ayub Park, Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Pakistan Monument Museum, Folk Heritage Museum, and the picturesque Lake View Park.

The Imam led an insightful workshop for the students at Faisal Mosque, exploring the mosque’s significance and its place in the history of the country.

The youth’s awareness of their country’s legacy was strengthened by their visits to the People’s Heritage and Pakistan Monument, which provided them with valuable insights into the sacrifices made during Pakistan’s founding.

As the eager young people engaged in exhilarating rides, games, and other leisure pursuits, Ayub National Park transformed into a playground where they made enduring memories.

The youth gave the Pakistan Army their sincere gratitude for organising this beneficial event that combined learning with leisure.

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