Zaid Ali Father Passes Away

Zaid Ali T is the pioneer of Pakistani YouTube. He started off making skits and brown people vs white people videos on Facebook and later on transitioned towards YouTube. Pakistanis loved having a Pakistani kid making funny videos about Pakistani experiences. Many more content creators later on joined in the trend that Zaid started. People have seen him grow in front of their eyes and today he is a father to a son and his content with his wife Yumna is appreciated by millions.

Zaid just took to Instagram and shared a very sad update from his personal life. Zaid’s father has just passed away. Zaid’s parents have been a part of his videos since forever and people just know them like their own family members. To see such a painful update made fans sad for the family.

Zaid Ali Father Passes Away

Here is the note Zaid shared as he prayed that he could become even one percent like his father. He appreciated his father’s support in his life and asked his fans to pray for the departed soul.

Zaid Ali Father Passes Away

May Allah bless Zaid Ali’s father with high ranks in Jannah! Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illaihi Rajioon!

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