Elon Musk’s X platform allows verified users to hide blue tick

Elon Musk’s platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, has implemented a new feature allowing paying members to hide their blue verification check marks. 

The change comes after Musk altered the criteria for getting the blue tick, now requiring a monthly fee instead of meeting specific qualifications. Users who subscribe to X Blue for $8 a month can now choose to conceal their check marks on their profiles and posts. However, the check mark may still appear in some areas, and certain features might reveal the user’s active subscription status. 

The platform faced criticism for the altered verification process, which used to signify a user’s authenticity, given to public figures, media personalities, and politicians.

Since Musk took over the platform last year, he has been making various changes to revamp the verification process and enhance the subscription service. Despite the new option to hide the blue check mark, it has become a subject of controversy. Some users see it as an opportunity to maintain privacy and avoid ridicule for paying for the verification, while others argue that it diminishes the badge’s value and transparency on the platform.

Lili Reinhart, an actress and social media influencer, expressed concern over the change, stating that the blue check mark used to hold meaning and now feels diluted. Similarly, renowned author Stephen King criticised the decision, implying that verification used to have significance but now appears to be just another perk for those who can afford it.

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