Dead Cells promises 2023 will be ‘by far our biggest year’ since launch

Even if the game is middle-aged now, and no longer ‘sneaking out at night to get drunk on street corners.’

Developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire have supported Dead Cells in seriously impressive fashion since the game’s launch way back in 2018. Players have enjoyed a wealth of free updates alongside a smattering of paid-for DLC expansions, but most enjoyable of all is that the creators don’t just add more stuff. Instead, they try to come up with a new mechanic or idea that whole new runs can be built around.

There had been some speculation among players that this run might be coming to an end: this has been a well-supported game, but it is now getting on, and how long will the developers be content to work on it? January’s The Queen and the Sea was the last major content update, and there didn’t seem to be anything of that size on the horizon.

Dead Cells’ developers have a new blog post “to kill off the belief that, with the latest DLC ‘The Queen and the Sea’, we are at or near the end of Dead Cells’ lifetime. We can see how people ended up thinking this, but reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated…”

In order to assuage any doubts the post includes a basic roadmap for the rest of the year, with appropriate caveats about it not being a pinky promise, showing that the update currently being tested in alpha is due for release in summer, i.e. imminently, while in the autumn the game will be getting a boss rush mode.

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