Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-12 Review: Maheer and Saad begin their new life journey on friendship note

Saad is once again winning hearts

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha drama serial airing at ARY Digital despite its ratings turns out to be an average serial from its writing and execution aspects. Maheer’s character at times seems annoying and selfish. Our heart goes out to poor Saad. In the previous episode, we have seen that Neelo turns the tables for Saad. In this episode, Maheer’s ruksati takes place in a very hasty manner.

Maheer’s father and uncle have decided on the earliest possible ruksati day and Maheer is married off. Before leaving as a bride Maheer seeks forgiveness from her father saying that it was her last mistake she will not be going to make him embarrass again. Maheer’s father benevolently forgives his daughter. We wonder if it is actually her sin for liking someone. On the other hand, Areeb’s mother is emotionally blackmailing him to get engaged to her cousin Faha.

Neelo’s character is borderline annoying at times and it also feels like she is being mistreated at places by Maheer and her mother. However, Saad and his sister’s bonding look endearing. Maheer is being selfish she can at least pose to be happy in front of others for Saad but no she is always occupied in her broken thoughts. The wedding night scene between Saad and Maheer where Saad tells her that she will always have his support no matter what happens is very heart-touching Maheer is still oblivious to his feelings for her. Looks unreal. After all the drama happened she must have gotten that Saad likes her.

We can imagine the tension between Saad and Maheer as a couple. Maheer asks Saad if she wants her same good old best friend whose friendship for her matters the most in the world. Well if we go by the thought that friendship is the first step of love, we assume that Maheer unconsciously is in love with Saad as she says that she values this friendship more than anything. Maheer and Saad begin their new life journey on a sweet friendship note.

The character of Faha looks quite a caricature, in the way she articulates her dialogues, for instance, her saying ” Areeb ko idea nahi hay ye pride and ye arrogance us per kitna acha lagta hay” Faha and her mother seem to have ulterior motives behind getting engaged with Areeb. Well, Areeb is not ready to accept Faha despite his mother’s emotional forcing. Areeb gets disturbed when he sees Maheer with Saad in the mall. Again the world is too small in dramas. The same evening is supposed to be Areeb and Faha’s engagement night but Areeb is not showing up. However, Faha is hopeful that Areeb will come. One wonders why Faha is so hopeful he has never encouraged her advances and on what basis she has built that hope. A typical serial whose saving grace is the character of Saad.

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